Developing novel treatments for mental health via pychedelic Therapies...

Woke Pharmaceuticals is on a mission to change the status quo in the treatment of mental health.

Woke is focused on working with leading universities and research institutes to develop psychedelic therapies to help those who struggle with mental health.

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Could psychedelic drugs be the key to treating mental health issues?

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Press Release

Woke Announces First Shipment of Natural Health Products from HAVN Life Sciences

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Channel 9 News: Macquarie University trial of WP001 for moderate depression

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Macquarie University media release regarding clinical trial with Woke

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Research & Development

Initial focus on psilocybin for depression based on evidence of efficacy. Proprietary formulations to enhance release profile of active drug and secure Intellectual Property

CandidateMoleculeDeliveryIndicationDevelopment StatusPartners
WP001Psilocybin (low dose)Rapid release CapsuleModerate DepressionCommencing Phase IIB trial in H2 CY2022 Monash University MMIC Maquaire University
WP002Psilocybin (high dose)Rapid release TabletTreatment-Resistent DepressionCommencing Phase IIB trial in Late CY2022 Monash University MMIC Imperial College London Drug Science (UK)
WP003LSD AnalogueAnxiety, Substance Abuse, PTSDResearch University of Western Australia

Partnerships with leading clinicians and formulation experts

The Market | Unmet Medical Need Growing due to Pandemic

Over 700 million people are affected globally with some sort of mental illness, eg: depression, anxiety, PTSD, addiction or eating disorder

Source: The World Health Organisation

Global economic costs due to mental heath disorders estimated to be USD$800 Billion direct and US$1.7 Billion indirect

Source: National Centre for Biotechnology Information


25% of adults in the world will be affected by mental or neurological disorders at some point in their lives

Source: World Health Organisation

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