“The high-quality API from Purisys meets our needs for developing novel formulations, clinical trials, and commercialisation.”

“IDT Australia has the requisite licences to import psychedelics and the skills to manufacture finished product.”


"Monash’s MMIC have world-leading capabilities to formulate novel dosage forms and provide IP protection for our formulations.”

Clinical Trials

“Professor Nutt and the team at Drug Science are exceptionally knowledgeable and experienced in the design of psychedelic clinical trials. We are delighted to be working with them on the WP-002 trial to treat treatment-resistant depression.”


“The UWA team, led by A/Professor Stewart, have unique expertise in the chemical modification of LSD. The research will generate novel analogues that aim to improve the clinical utility of this psychedelic therapy.”

Nutritional Supplements

“Our proprietary range of naturally derived health supplements, based on functional mushroom extracts, provides benefits to health and wellbeing. There is a significant demand for such products from health-conscious, environmentally-minded consumers.”