Vision, Mission and Values

Vision Statement

Healing mental health and benefiting patients via psychedelic therapies

Mission Statement

Woke Pharmaceuticals is dedicated to developing novel psychedelic therapies as registered medical treatments for mental health disorders and other neurological diseases, as well as supporting psychological wellbeing. We aim to achieve this through the development of novel formulations, rigorous research and clinical trials, and partnerships with world-class researchers, institutions, organisations, and corporations.

Corporate Values


to act with integrity and the highest standards of ethics when dealing with stakeholders, including employees, suppliers, partners, customers and shareholders.


to ensure that Woke Pharmaceuticals’ medical products are of the highest quality; manufactured according to Good Manufacturing Practice; and offer benefit to patients.


to enable healthcare professionals to prescribe psychedelic-based pharmaceuticals with relevant psychotherapy via training, education, and informative literature.


to develop and manufacture novel psychedelic-based pharmaceuticals that are formulated to address unmet medical needs for patients.


to work effectively with colleagues and partners to achieve organisational goals by working together as an effective team.

Environmental, social and governance

to be exemplary in the provision of environmentally sustainable and socially sourced products.